Seamlessly merging the physical and data worlds

Product: hypersurfaces

HyperSurfaces is a startup based between London, Los Angeles and Milan. It uses patented Deep Learning to convert any object of any material and shape into an intelligent HyperSurface: seamlessly merging the physical and data worlds without the need for keyboards, buttons or touch screens.

HyperSurfaces AI runs on standard chips, and uses common vibration sensors to interpret the vibrational patterns detected on physical objects (such as those generated from human gestures or machinery) in real-time, and converts them into data or digital commands.

Its web-based platform enables designers with no experience in data science to build robust vibration-based AI models in under an hour, that work locally on a chipset without even the need for an internet connection. This is possible by leveraging a database of more than 5 million datapoints of vibrational data collected over 3 years.

HyperSurfaces empowers an entirely new paradigm of interaction between humans and technology. Any object in the physical world becomes intelligent. Any space becomes smart. HyperSurfaces stands to revolutionise the way we live, seamlessly engaging with technology.

More info at www.hypersurfaces.com